Frequently Asked Questions


Why does my site need a privacy policy?
A Privacy Policy is required by many ad networks if your site is advertiser supported. It may also be required in some jurisdictions – check with your legal advisor. In any case, having a Privacy Policy on your website or blog is definitely a “Best Practice” and one thing that sets apart professional sites, blogs and portals from amateur attempts at such.

Creating and deploying a Privacy Policy has never been simpler now that there are simple to use Privacy Policy Generators that will create a Privacy Policy for you in minutes.


What is a Privacy Policy?
A Privacy Policy tells visitors to your site or blog exactly what information is collected and how that information is used. When a visitor comes to your site, you may collect a wide variety of information automatically and even share a ‘cookie’. This information may be very basic or even comprehensive. Besides a cookie, some sites can log IP Addresses and through the use of scripts gather other statistics about users.

A Privacy Policy simply is an honest disclosure and declaration of
    → what information is gathered, if any…
    → how that information will be used…
    → who that information will be shared with.


What is a TOS?
A “TOS” is a “Terms of Service” declaration which clarifies under what terms someone may use your website. This is also usually where a site owner will declare the limits of their liability and waive responsibility for errors and omissions of all information on their site.

Without a TOS, you could potentially be liable for someone misunderstanding your advice on your site, acting upon it in a way that is detrimental to them or others in some way.

A TOS is usually a long and comprehensive statement that basically says, “Use the information on this site at your own risk. We are not responsible for any errors or omissions.”


What is the difference between a Privacy Policy and a TOS (Terms of Service)?
   → A Privacy Policy informs visitors what their rights are and what you gather and use that belongs to them.
   → A Terms of Service (TOS) tells visitors what your rights are and under what circumstances they may use your site. If they don’t like it, they should leave


What is the difference between a “TOS” (Terms of Service) and “T&C” (Terms and Conditions)?
There is basically no difference. They are two different names for what is basically the same document covering the same sets of circumstances.


What is a disclaimer?
A disclaimer is a short document that informs users that information on your site is provided ‘as is’, and that no warranty is given nor implied. A properly written disclaimer should be sufficient to cover most risks of lawsuit, provided your site does not recklessly advocate illegal, nefarious or dangerous behavior. Of course, lawyers can find a way to sue almost anyone for anything, so a disclaimer is no guarantee – but merely a safety mechanism.


Do I Need a Lawyer to Create These Documents?
Ask your lawyer.