Email Use Policy

Our Email Use Policy provides employees with rules and guidelines concerning the appropriate use of company electronic mail services, resources, servers and all aspects of email access.

Email is one area that can cause corporate managers a lot of headaches, as not only do email messages persist in cyberspace for many years, but once sent, they cannot be called back. Where bad emails are concerned, they are in a sense like a bad bullet – once fired, they cannot be recalled and any damage done remains and can be traced back easily to the offending party and/or his/her company.

The Email Usage Policy is an important document that should be signed by all employees upon starting work. We have prepared a basic guideline policy that can be tailored to the requirements of the specific organization.

Your Email Use Policy may also be posted on your company’s webpage and/or Intranet site where it may be referred to by employees.

Click on one of the buttons below to either download email policy templates that you may use and modify, or you may elect to generate an email policy using our simple, fast online email policy generator. The code generator will generate both the text for your custom email policy as well as the html code that you may copy and paste directly into your site or blog.

Click here to use our free Email Policy generator tool and generate your privacy policy online. You can also get the HTML for your policy to cut and paste it into your blog or website.

What are the risks?

Employees may engage in activities that not only waste time and productivity such as chain letter, gag emails and even share inappropriate or even illegal material all through the use of your company email system. Clearly defining these risks and informing employees that they are strictly forbidden from engaging in such activities protects the organization from most risks – legal and otherwise – which may result.