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You may choose from our fast, simple and easy-to-use policy generators to instantly create a draft company policy, or use some of our links to search for a guideline policy that you may refer to while creating a company policy of your own from the same industry that your company operates in.

We also provide links and resources for researching company policies so that you can seek and find policies you think might be useful and incorporate some of their best features into your own company policy.

Policy Generators

We are providing a number of company policy generators for you to use which will enable you to select a wide variety of policies to generate at the click of a mouse.

Many of us are far too busy with our day-to-day operations to create the standard set of policies that each company should have if it is connected to the Internet – this includes almost every company on the planet these days!

Use our generators to create your own:

As this site grows, we will continue to add resources that you may use while drafting or editing your company policy.

Policy Templates

For those of you who would prefer a simple template to begin with and craft your own policy in your Word Processing program, we also provide all of the tools you need including MS Word to PDF conversion.

Here you can find templates in a number of formats, including MS Word. You can follow these links:

Use our generators to create your own:


Other Legal Documents

For webmasters, we also provide some other essential documents for web publishers, bloggers and anyone with a website.

Use our generators to create your own, or download the templates for:

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